Nathan Pitts

eScience Labs
Digital Development Manager
Sheridan Colorado
Hello, I work for a small science kit company that pairs our science kits with a digital manual. Please feel free to reach out to me about Data analytics, LTI and course cartridges.

Wednesday, May 17

7:30am MDT

Breakfast North & South Convention Lobby

8:30am MDT

10:15am MDT

10:45am MDT

11:30am MDT

12:00pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

1:45pm MDT

2:35pm MDT

3:20pm MDT

3:50pm MDT

4:20pm MDT

5:45pm MDT

Thursday, May 18

7:30am MDT

8:30am MDT

9:15am MDT

10:00am MDT

10:30am MDT

11:00am MDT

12:00pm MDT

12:30pm MDT

2:00pm MDT

3:15pm MDT

5:00pm MDT

Friday, May 19

8:00am MDT

9:00am MDT

10:00am MDT

12:00pm MDT

1:00pm MDT

3:00pm MDT